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We bring you the latest start-ups, innovation and technology from around the world

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We take you up and personal with emerging entrepreneurs and their start-ups

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Bringing you local reports on innovative businesses and products in each region

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About Us

Discover, connect and engage with real entrepreneurs & exciting new technologies, from the top start-up cities in the world!

Our mission is to discover & identify emerging start-ups, innovative entrepreneurs and revolutionary technology companies in each region, and to share their story with the world.

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About The Show

The Tech Talk Show

The Tech Talk Show is an exciting new documentary TV series, which takes you on a discovery of emerging start-ups & revolutionary innovators reaching all verticals of technology, from AI Robots to Flying Cars to Digital Artwork & more. The show is currently broadcast from London, New York & Tel Aviv, LA, Silicon Valley & Hong Kong, with more cities to follow soon.

Who's Behind It

Who We Are

We are a unique Media Company & Business Platform focused on technology, upcoming start-ups, innovative entrepreneurs and concepts. Filmed locally by technology experts & start-up veterans. The show creates a platform for global exposure, growth & connectivity.

The Way It Works

How We Do It

Business, Technology & Start-Up Focused. Regional Production & Broadcast. Key Verticals. Local Ambassadors. B2B & B2C. 12 Episodes per Season. 4-8 Features per Episode. English Language Format with Subtitles Available. Covering major emerging global Tech Hubs; Middle East, Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific

The Greatest People

Meet the team


CEO, Executive Producer & Host

Jonny Caplan


Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer

Ronald Hans



Jessy Katz


Global Head of Production

Joyce Boll


Editor & Studio Manager

Yamit Rosenbach

The Tech Talk Show

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Tech Talk Trailers

Season 1 Episode 1

digital music, robots & cyber crime

Season 1 Episode 2

find work, learn code, Robotics & Digital Art

Season 1 Episode 3

Start-up Incubators & Artificial Intelligence

Season 1 Episode 4

The Iron Dome, Reporters & Touch Technology

Season 1 Episode 5

Crowd funding, Virtual Reality & Rentals

Season 1 Episode 6

Medical Cannabis Technology & Innovation

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Innovative & Unique


We are always on the lookout for innovative and unique start-ups and business concepts to be featured on the show. If you want to nominate a start-up for The Tech Talk Show, get in contact using the form below. Remember to send a link to their website.

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Successful & Upcoming


If you would like to submit details of a new, established or upcoming entrepreneur and founder, feel free to nominate using the form below. Please make sure to include references to a Linked In page and any other relevant online media.

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If you are interested in finding out the available Sponsorship or Advertising packages available, please submit your requirements to us using the form below. Remember to your include the relevant persons name, contact email and telephone number.

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