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TechTalk takes you on a discovery of the latest technologies and entrepreneurs from across the globe!

TechTalk isn’t just a TV series, but it’s an entire ecosystem of entrepreneurial connectivity, that’s very impactful to all involved. TechTalk provides a unique platform for undiscovered and talented entrepreneurs to tell their story. We get involved at local schools and universities, industry events and conferences, government, medical & military resources to ensure to have our fingers on the pulse, and to give back to the global community. If you want invite TechTalk to see what you are doing, use the form below. Season One of TechTalk is due to be launched on TV channels worldwide in the summer of 2019.

Season One Previews

About The Show

The Tech Talk Show

TechTalk is a multiple award-winning documentary TV series, that takes you on a discovery of emerging start-ups and their innovators reaching all verticals of technology, from Soccer Playing Robots to Flying Taxis, 3D Holographic Surgery & much more. The show is currently filmed from London, New York & Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley & Hong Kong, with more cities to follow in 2020.

Who's Behind It

Who We Are

Created and hosted by Jonny Caplan, a British born serial entrepreneur & renowned technology expert (an entrepreneur from the age of just 14), complimented perfectly by multi talented American co-host, finalist on The Voice, and rising entrepreneur, Jessy Katz. The show creates a unique platform for rising start-ups and entrepreneurs to reach the global market.

The Way It Works

How We Do It

Profiling more than 50 companies each Season (12 x 30-minute episodes per season), TechTalk features 'wow-factor' revolutionary new technologies that generally have never been seen before, all produced into highly engaging and tangible content for a global audience. Each episode of TechTalk features a range of different companies and technologies to ensure we cover the growing landscape and resources in each region.

The Greatest People

Meet the team


CEO, Executive Producer & Host

Jonny Caplan


Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer

Ronald Hans


All-Star Co-Host

Jessy Katz

The Tech Talk Show

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Season One Previews

from Season 1 Episode 9

3D Holographic Surgery - RealView Imaging

from Season 1 Episode 8

Connected Car Hacking - Argus Car Security

from Season 1 Episode 10

Autonomous Robot Soccer Team - Bar Ilan Robotics

from Season 1 Episode 9

VR Sensory Research - IDC Advanced Reality Lab

from Season 1 Episode 7

Flying Cars & Air Taxis - Urban Aeronautics

from Season 1 Episode 6

First Responder Drones - Eyeron Systems

from Season 1 Episode 11

Senior Health Tracking Via Voice Calls - Myndyou

from Season 1 Episode 2

Robots for the elderly - Intuition Robotics

from Season 1 Episode 12

Mind Controlled Games for ADHD - Myndlift

from Season 1 Episode 12

AI Robot Window Cleaners - Skyline Robotics

from Season 1 Episode 2

Guitar AI Synthesizer & Band - OMB Guitar

from Season 1 Episode 5

Smart Touch Surfaces & Devices - MT Tech


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Technology Start-ups

We are always on the lookout for innovative concepts and unique start-ups to be featured on the show. If you want to nominate a start-up for the TechTalk show, get in contact using the form below. Remember to send a link to their website.

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Upcoming Rising Stars

Entrepreneurs & Innovators

If you would like to submit details of a new, upcoming or established entrepreneur/founder, you can nominate (or self-nominate) using the form below. Please make sure to include references to a LinkedIn page, website and any other relevant info.

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If you are interested in finding out available partnership or sponsorship opportunities for any particular start-up or guest featured on TechTalk, please submit your requirements to us using the form below.

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